A short drive…

I helped my friend Alan move over the weekend, I can safely say I am now adept at driving on the wrong side of the road! A couple of years ago, he moved out to Berlin and had a rather impressively large flat in the old soviet side. Then he got a contracting position in Stockholm, met a lovely lady called Ansku and has decide to settle there.

So, what to do about all his worldly positions in Berlin? Ask a friend to share driving a van full of said positions across Gemany, Denmark and Sweden. That’s where I come in 🙂

I flew out to Berlin on Thursday evening, and met up with Alan just after midnight in time for a couple of beers. We actually managed some restraint and didn’t drink until stupid o’clock in the morning, instead settling for about 1.30 😛

The next day we were up (I was slightly less willingly than Alan by a factor of about a billion!) and on our way to pick up the Van. On our way we planned to stop off at a shop called Saturn where Alan had seen stacks of Wiis 2 weeks previously. Alas there were none, so my hunt continues!, but much to both of our surprises there were more PS3’s than you could shake a stick at, and no gamers anywhere in sight. Shocked? You bet we were, poeple had been queueing for silly amounts of time in the Uk according to the Media, and here were stacks of the damn things, and not a gamer in sight, bizarre! So a lesson if you want the latest and greatest console, take a holiday in Berlin during a launch and stroll in and pick one up without the hassle of over inflated prices in the Uk 🙂

Anywho, we picked the van up (me driving) and headed on towards the storage place where Alans stuss had been residing for the latest month. Two pallets and some strategic packing later (after a couple of attempts) we were all set 🙂

Next, out exciting 1018km drive across three countries, and what pubs are like in Sweden 🙂

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