A short drive continued…

Well, what can say I say about driving across Germany, Denmark and Sweden? Apart from a few changes in scenery (Denmark has lots of wind farms!), there’s not actually much difference. We were both fine until we got to Sweden, then tiredness started to set in. I drove through Germany and Denmark, which amounted to approximately 460 km. Then Alan drove the final part through Sweden approximately 520 km, so i think I got the better deal 😉

One thing I failed to mention was the van. I know German vehicles are efficient and come with all sorts of added features that we don’t get in this country, but this van was special and had an impressive feature that was easily concealed under its mundane appearance! On the dash, was a small innocuous button, simply labelled “ESP off”. The van had powers that us mere humans aspire to! Sadly we didn’t see it in action, no thoughts were received, no warnings of crazy drivers approaching, maybe it’s because I didn’t speak German, who knows…

Anywho, the pubs in Sweden. What a strange mix! First of all Sweden has become very smoking unfriendly, if you want a smoke during the course of your night out, you have to go outside the pub! What a refreshing change from the pubs/clubs in London! I woke up the following morning not smelling like an ash tray and I wasn’t coughing up nasty stuff! Well done Sweden! The Swedes are a nice bunch though, and if you do have to go outside for a smoke, they very kindly give you a blanket to wrap up in, so that’s ok then 😉

Secondly, every pub we went into had a Casino in! Not just a dark corner with a large selection of slot machines, but a real black jack table, with black jack dealer (I know not the proper term), very odd. Alan was saying that the Swedes are heavily into gambling, which would make sense.

The other thing I noticed was hair colour in Sweden, yes you’ve got more attractive blondes than you can shake a stick at, but there is also a HUGE number of red heads. Not ginger, but RED. This is something that is huge in Germany too, it must be a European thing 🙂 I wonder why that is?

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