My first full length presentation

On Thursday night I presented a full length WF session for the first time, I thought it went well and have gotten some very useful feedback from attendees on things I can improve 🙂 My fellow coordinator Rich Allen also did a nugget on a rather excellent piece of technology called WatiN, which is a very formidable Web testing framework with added bells and whistles!

Watch out Cambridge! V2 is coming your way on the 7th October 🙂 I think I’ll rewrite the front end is WPF, as I hear thatCambridge bunch have been spoiled by Chris Hays Silverlight Guru status 😉

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2 Responses to My first full length presentation

  1. Paul says:

    Hi John, i enjoyed your presentation last month and wondered if you had a link to the slides/notes as i wanted to look into some of the details?Thanks

  2. Hey Paul,I'm glad you enjoyed the session.I'm just reworking the slide deck & code based on comments I received from the session. Once done I'll post them here :)Cheers,John

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