Windows 7 and WF 4.0

I’ve now had Windows 7 on my box since Sunday and although i don’t have some of the nicer features coming in the Beta (the improved Taskbar and dockable Apps) I’m enjoying the features I’ve got to play with.

I’ve hit a problem with the Virtual Hard Disk mounting, where every time I try mounting a VHD file I get told that no provider is available. Here’s a piccy of the image.

I’ve contacted the Windows 7 team (who are VERY helpful) and have identified that is was a problem with my upgrade from Vista as a driver didn’t install properly. I haven’t got the solution yet, as I’m currently helping the team understand why the installation didn’t work. Once we know why it failed, I’ll get the solution and I’ll post if here. So if you’ve upgraded from Vista and VHD mounting isn’t working and you’re getting the same message as me, stay tuned as the solution will be up soon!

So on Windows 7 I’m running the VPC of the WF 4.0. I’ve run the first 3 labs so far and it’s looking damn good. Labs 1 to 3 are:

1. Your first workflow
2. DB interaction
3. Your first WCF hosted Workflow

The new WPF designer is a lot friendlier to use than the original. I particular like that:

You now longer have to jump to code in order to setup variables in the Workflow

And Arguments 🙂

You can set variables on the activities (a lot friendlier than continually using the Properties pane)

and of course being a WPF based designer, you can now zoom in 🙂

I’ve found a few issues so far which I’m about to email in, but here they are in case you’re interested in such things:

1. Error messages for activties aren’t modal

2. Doing HOL 3, adding Rule called “If DiscountPoints

  1. Misspelt variable in condition
  2. Corrected spelling
  3. Finished setting up rest of rule
  4. Noticed the error provider against the “Condition” stating the “Name ‘DiscountPoint’ is not declared”.
  5. This was odd as I had corrected this on the activity
  6. Clicked the property, click a different property. The incorrect value from condition was then used to update the condition on the activity
  7. Correct in the property, click out and the activity was updated3. No feedback from interaction with bread crumbs on WF designer.

3. I would expect highlighting of the word I’m over, or something to show it can be used.

4. WCFTestClient freezes at approx 50% when adding a service that contains an error

5. Compiler didn’t pick up error in Assign activity when a variable that didn’t exist was used

Whats next? Well I’ll be looking at doing a project and putting the walkthough on this blog and looking at writing a session on WF 4.0. Maybe even a comparison with 3.0/3.5 🙂 Stay tuned for my further adventures in WF and possibly dates for a WF 4.0 session!

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