DDD SouthWest sessions

I’ve just submitted 2 sessions for DDD South West, one on WF 4.0 which will be a variant on what I’m presenting at Guy Smith Ferriers Dot Net Dev Net group next Tuesday. Here’s the blurb:

A lap around WF 4.0

WF 4.0 was announced at PDC 08, and includes some very sexy new features. We’ll take a spin through some of the new features including custom activity creation and WCF intergration to see how WF has evolved.

The second is on PRISM which will be completely new and shiny for DDD South West. Here’s the blurb:

Come see my PRISM-tation

PRISM is the latest incarnation of the Composite Application Guidance from the MS Patterns and Practices team. The guidance allows you to build extensible application quickly and easily in either WPF or Silverlight. In this session I’ll show you how easy it is to build a WPF application and then extend it with PRISM.

Hopefully one of them will get accepted 🙂


My wife has very kindly pointed out that this is actually our wedding anniversary and her 30th B’day weekend. OOPS! So I won’t be going, thank god I didn’t forget otherwise that would be really stereotypical and embarrassing! 😛

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2 Responses to DDD SouthWest sessions

  1. Mark H says:

    the prism one sounds good. sadly I won’t be at DDD SouthWest. How about doing it for a nextgen in Southampton?

  2. This should hopefully be our May session, stayed tuned for more details on upcoming events 🙂

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