Live Messenger and Windows 7

I installed Live Writer today so i didn’t need to be online to blog, especially now that I’m writing the WF 4.0 stuff and could well be commuting again soon.

As part of the Live Writer you get a whole host of tools you can also I install, most of which I passed on except for the Office tools and Messenger. I’m glad I did!

The new messenger has disappeared from the system tray and now lives full time in the Task Bar. Here’s the new icon:

and when I become busy, the little green circle goes red.

As you’d expect with apps designed for Windows 7 it has a new menu that you can open from the Task Bar. This is basically all the options you had on the menu from the System Tray.

The final change I really liked, is a change in how the conversations are organised. It’s now grouped by the speaker, so if you’re doing all the talking, your bits are all grouped together.

I know it’s a lot of little changes, but somehow it improved the whole experience 🙂 It’s also nice to see apps beginning to move away from living in the System Tray, as I think far too many apps end up living in the System Tray.

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3 Responses to Live Messenger and Windows 7

  1. Hey John-Jeff here with the Windows Outreach Team. Thanks for the great feedback on Windows Live Messenger and Windows 7. Out of curiosity, what made you decide to keep the Messenger tool and skip the rest? Also, any plans on blogging about your experience with Live Writer? Cheers,JeffWindows Outreach Team

  2. Hi Jeff,Originally I only wanted Live Writer, but as Messenger is my IM of choice I thought I’d upgrade.As for the other tools, they’re duplicates of tings I’m already ahppy with, for instance I’ve got Skype for internet phone stuff, Thunderbird for my mail client, etc.I’ll se how I get on with live Writer and blog about it at a later date :0Thanks,John

  3. That should of been a smiley, not a :O!

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