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Slides and code from DDDSW

I’ve popped my slides and code on my sky drive, they can be downloaded from here. I had an excellent time, and really enjoyed giving the talk, as well as going to the other talks 🙂  Guy and the team … Continue reading

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Visual Studio 2010

Having an MSDN subscription I’ve been lucky enough to get Visual Studio 2010 a couple of days early. I’ve installed it happily on my Vista installation (main dev box) and it runs faster (IMHO) than VS2008 does, so I’m dead … Continue reading

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WF 4.0 Beta

So the Beta of WF 4.0 comes out for subscribers tomorrow, you can find more out here. The WF series I’ve been writing will continue with the Beta, and parts 1, 2 and 3 will be updated. Stay tuned for … Continue reading

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Windows 7 and WF 4.0

I’ve now had Windows 7 on my box since Sunday and although i don’t have some of the nicer features coming in the Beta (the improved Taskbar and dockable Apps) I’m enjoying the features I’ve got to play with. I’ve … Continue reading

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Two bits of sexy news from PDC :)

WF 3.0/3.5 has effectively been taken out back and shot, and replaced with alot sexier version. First look makes it look far easier to use and extend, and can be skinned with WPF 🙂 VS2010 is being converted to a … Continue reading

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Debugging a modular application

So you’re working on a modular application and you’ve got individual modules in seperate solutions. You can’t currently hit F5 to debug these modules as they’re just a class library. What do you do? It’s nice and easy, all you … Continue reading

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VS2008 SP1 and the missing Toolbox controls

I recently upgraded my VS2008 installation to the new SP1 release, I found that several of the .Net controls disappeared from the ToolBox, including the Button. A new Toolbox also appeared labelled “#13119” with nothing in it. To resolve this … Continue reading

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